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DUKE or UNC? Pick your Poison....

WARNING!  The following is a tongue in cheek introduction to our area.  Before sending me a nasty email, please read the entire post.  Legal disclaimer following this post limits liability and consideration of your opinion. Welcome to the Triangle!  We are SO happy you have decided to join us and move to our area!  I think you will find that everything you have read is true.  We are a diverse, loving and friendly community, that truly cares about one another...except for two or three days a year. It is very nice to meet you but before we go any further...  Do you root for Duke or UNC?  Huh?  Oh, that's cute.  No, you can't sit on the fence and 'cheer for both'... We don't do that here.   HERE, we make a choice.  It is a life altering choice that will define who you are as a human being as long as you reside here.  You will live and breathe that choice...every day.  24/7/365. Still don't know?  Let me give you the scoop on each to maybe help you ou

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